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Social Responsibilities

MIP Process believes in social responsibility, we believe that good comes from good and we are committed to supporting a number of needy causes.


For our second year running, MIP Process will be attending a golf day at Nigel Golf Course in aid of Alte Meyer. The purpose of this day is to raise funds for Alte, who was diagnosed with Acute Meloid Leukemia in July 2010. Last year we entered a four ball, took part in the Auction and sponsored a hole, where we supplied refreshments to the players. We will be donating a framed and signed Blue Bulls jersey and painting of Joost van der Westhuizen this year with our four ball.


One of the major contributions we make is to the eDeaf. Deaf people are many times marginalised since they cannot communicate freely and are often regarded as incompetent or not intelligent. MIP has contributed to set up a new training centre where deaf people are trained for specific skills that allows them to be employed.

Gauteng Indoor Netball

Our sporting passion comes to the fore as MIP is the official sponsor of the Gauteng Indoor Netball Team. We are proud as the team came home with the bronze medal from the national tournament that took place in May 2011.


Smaller charities such as Jicama 89 and The Haven Care Centre are supported by continuous financial assistance.

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

MIP is involved with the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa’s adoption scheme where a variety of animals are sponsored.
MIP has adopted three Koala Bears named Digby, Hofster and Claire Bear.

Girls & Boys Town

MIP has contributed to Boys Town.


CANSA Western Gauteng’s’ Ladies Breakfast was also supported with money being donated for prizes and give-aways.

Jeugland School Choir

MIP sponsored a child from Jeugland School Choir to partake in a competition held in Italy. They came home with two gold medals in July 2011.

Salvation Army

In June 2011 numerous blankets were donated towards the Salvation Army’s blanket drive for the benefit of destitute and homeless people in South Africa.

Westridge High school

We have assisted Matthew Halls, a fifteen year old boy, with a donation towards his first year of High school.

Gauteng West School

We recently helped with sponsorship for the under 13 Gauteng District 2 Hockey Team that will be competing in the Northern Districts Primary School’s Hockey Festival in White River, Mpumalanga in August 2011.

Tshepong Centre For the Disabled

MIP has made a donation to the Tshepong Centre For the Disabled (Tshepong) which serves the impoverished area of Refilwe, (Cullinan) Tshwane Municipality (METSWEDING DISTRICT), an area classified as a Presidential poverty node, characterised by under development, including a large percentage of the country’s population which incorporates the poorest of the poor (rural and urban poor) as well as being one of twenty prioritised townships in Gauteng. We further donated blankets, carpets and dividers for the classroom in July 2013.